jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Pulpit Prayer — ó Acerca de la Oración Pastoral

Por Carl Trueman

It is something of a truism that seminaries are not great at teaching preaching.   Thinking does vary on this: some believe that preachers cannot be taught, simply improved; others that you can take someone who cannot preach and make him a preacher.  What is certain is that any student who simply relies on the preaching experience he has in the seminary classroom will be inadequately prepared for the preaching ministry.   Seminary preaching needs to be supplemented with experience in the local church, at the old folks home etc.

Yet there is another thing that is not done well at seminary, something which is rarely noticed and which is consequently something of a dying art: pulpit prayer.

In fact, pulpit prayer should be a vital part of the worship service.  It is at those moments that the pastor has the task of leading the people into the very presence of God.  This is an awe inspiring task, not to be undertaken lightly.  Such leading should be clear, suffused with biblical allusions and shaped by biblical thought patterns.  It should be built on the foundation of a solid grasp of the mediation of Christ and should reflect that in its content.

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Publicado por Carl Trueman en REFORMATION 21

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